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Profit analysis of radiator recycling business

As we know, there are abundant metals such as copper aluminum and a small amount of iron contained in the radiators. The cost of this waste is low but the price of the copper and aluminum separated is high. Accroding to the market research, the price of scrap copper on the market is about 6dollars per kilogram and the price of aluminum is about 2 dollars per kilogram. So due to its high profit, more and more people want to recycle it and radiator recycling business becomes welcomed too.

 radiator recycling businessScrap radiators and the separated metals

Here we will make a simple profit analysis of radiator recycling business. As we know the profit is the income minus the cost, for this business, the main cost is to collect the waste materials and the main income is the aluminum and copper selling. So we list it one by one here to convenient for you to understand.[You may be interested in this article: Is copper aluminum radiator separator profitable?]

a. cost: the waste radiators cost is about 2570 dollars per ton.

b. market price of Copper and aluminum: the pure copper market price is about 5715 dollars per ton, the aluminum market price is about 2145 dollars per ton.

c. copper and aluminum content : the waste radiators contains 45% copper and 55% aluminum, and there will be both 1% consumption for copper and aluminum during the process.

d. profit: after deducting the cost of housing, utilities and workers, the profit of recycling one ton of waste radiators is $1,100.

Profit analysis of radiator recycling businessProfit analysis of radiator recycling business

And you can also do a profit analysis of radiator recycling business like this in your local. you will find that the profit of recycling waste radiators is considerable.

Radiator recycling machine is the most popular way to recycle waste radiators now. The main process of the radiator recycling machine is crushing, magnetic separation and air separation, which could separate the copper, aluminum and iron contained in it.[Related recommend: How to get copper out of scrap radiators?].The separation rate of this machine could be reaching to above 99%, so the final product is very pure and can be sold directly for profit.

Profit analysis of radiator recycling businessRadiator recycling machine and the separated copper & aluminum

After checking above, if you are interested to know more, or if you need us to provide you with a profit analysis of radiator recycling business in your local, just feel free to contact us DOING!

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