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How much does the radiator recycling machine cost?

When customers want to start radiator recycling business, the first need to do is buy one set radiator recycling machine. They will ask, how much dose the radiator recycling machine cost? The cost of radiator recycling machine is not a exact number because it is depends on machine configurations, capacities, technology and different suppliers.

The machine configurations affect the radiator recycling machine cost

There are two kinds of radiator recycling machine for customers to choose. One is large scale radiator recycling machine, which is a whole line to process waste radiators which are good shape or deformed. This machine is fully automatic and high efficiency, which only need one or two workers can operate it.

radiator recycling machine Large scale radiator recycling machine

The other one is small type stripping type radiator separator machine, which can strip the aluminum foil directly off copper tubes. This machine can process good shape radiators and keep the shape of the copper tubes. These two kinds of machines have different configurations and the cost is different.

radiator recycling machine Stripping type radiator separator machine

The machine capacities affect the radiator recycling machine cost

In general, bigger capacities require high cost. For example, we DOING company have different capacities machines from 300kg to 2000kg. If you need a higher capacity, we can also customize according to your needs.

The machine suppliers affect the radiator recycling machine cost

Different machine suppliers are also an important effection on the radiator recycling machine cost. If you choose a machine manufacturer, there are more discounts you can get from the factory. But if you choose a trade company to buy the machine, it will cost more money.

radiator recycling machine Radiator recycling machine manufacturer DOING factory

In conclusion, the radiator recycling machine cost is vary from different factors, if you want to know the exact cost of the machine, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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