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What's the radiator recycling machine working process?

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Radiator recycling machine is used to recycle scrap radiators to get copper aluminum and iron for profit. The radiator recycling machine working process including shredding, crushing, negative-pressure baffling separation, magnetic separation and air separation. After these process, we can get separated pure copper, aluminum and iron.

radiator recycling machine Radiator recycling machine working process

The details radiator recycling machine working process as follow:

First, put the raw material waste radiators to shredder, the belt conveyor will transport shredd materials to the crusher. After two process the waste radiators will become lumpish. And then the negative-pressure baffling separation will separate most lightweight aluminium. The next step is magnetic separator. Magnetic separator can separate iron out. The last step is air separating. Because copper and aluminum have different gravity, the air separator will separate the aluminum and copper though the friction of scaly screen surface. Thought the air separator, the copper and aluminum will be separated.

radiator recycling machine Scrap radiators and the separated copper aluminum and iron

The radiator recycling machine working process is totally dry and physical separation method, which is no use fire, water or chemical, thus no secondary pollution to the environment.

The radiator recycling machine adopts fully automatic PLC control with vacuum loading and pulse dust collection system, fully automatic, high efficiency and dust-free. The primary shredding adopt large torque double-shaft shredder, both the blades and shaft are alloy material with special treatment, which is durable to use.

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