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Is car radiator recycling machine profitable?

Date:Mar 12, 2019/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Get a free quote

All over the world, there are many different kinds of car radiator and various kinds of radiator which have been used or replaced, and the car radiator contain precious metal copper and aluminum. In order to avoid the waste of resources and more efficient recycling copper and aluminum, some people began to use car radiator recycling machine to recycling the car radiator. It turns out that the car radiator recycling machine is profitable.


car radiatorsRecycled car radiators

Before, the way people recycling car radiator is manual disassembly, compared with manual disassembly, car radiator recycling machine profit space is larger. Manual disassembly has low efficiency and a large amount of fine powder. Moreover, the separation is difficult, resulting in the recovery rate of copper and aluminum is low, and the purity of copper and aluminum recovered is low, but the cost of labor used is large, and the price of copper and aluminum obtained is low due to the purity problem.

The car radiator recycling machine produced by DOING company for only 1 or 2 people operation can complete the dismantling of the car radiator separation. The production capacity of recycling car radiator is greatly improved; Less labor is used; Copper pipe and aluminum foil can be separated separately; The separation rate of finished products is as high as 99.8%. Using car radiator recycling machine recycling car radiator profit margins are higher.

car radiator recycling machineCar radiator recycling machine

Investment in car radiator recycling machine is profitable, but also accompanied by challenges. Every investor should think carefully about his own situation before deciding to do car radiator recycling project.

First of all, do you have enough raw materials: copper and aluminum radiator, car radiator, car air conditioner pipe, air conditioner pipe and so on. With sufficient raw materials, you can deal with them in batches, so the profit margin is larger.

Second, is there a suitable place? Car radiator recycling machine covers a small area, but also for you to save the cost of the site.

Third, is there a suitable sales channel for the recycled products? Recycled copper, aluminum market conditions are very good, if you has the suitable sales channel, the income profit is also quite stable.

raw materialsThe separated precious mental

If all the answers are yes, the car radiator recycling machine will not only be profitable but also a wise investment. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions about the car radiator recycling machine.


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