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Malaysian customers visited we DOING to inspect radiator recycling machine

Date:Jul 24, 2019/ DOING News/ Chat online/ Get a free quote

On June 12, 2019, two Malaysian customers visited we DOING. The two Malaysian customers mainly came to DOING Company to inspect radiator recycling machine in order to dispose waste radiators they piled up locally.

Customers learned from their friends that copper and aluminum can separated from car radiators and air-conditioning radiators, so the customer made a survey on the local market. In the investigation, it was found that the waste car radiators and air-conditioning radiators were easily collected. The price of scrap copper on the market is about 6dollars per kilogram and the price of aluminum is about 2 dollars per kilogram. Not only that, but the recovered copper and aluminum were sold well in the market. So due to its high profit, Malaysian customers wants to have a detailed understanding of the radiator recycling business. [ Related recommend : Is copper aluminum radiator separator profitable ].

Malaysian customers visited DOINGMalaysian customers in DOING company

During the communication with our project manager, they decided to come to China to inspect our equipment. The customer visited our factory and watched the test procedure of the radiator recycling machine. In the process of communicating with our project manager, the customer found that the purity of the metal separated from the waste radiatora is as high as 99.9%. Copper and aluminum can be sold directly on the market. He said he wants to start the radiator recycling business.

radiator recycling machine Radiator recycling machine

Our DOING company specialized producing environmentally friendly waste recycling equipment, and to give back to new and old customers at a lower price and the best quality service. If you are also interested in how to start radiator recycling business, please contact us directly, our professional engineers will give you the most appropriate advice.



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